Cannabis storage

How to store cannabis safely

If you have cannabis in your home, it's important that you store it safely and securely, away from children, teens and pets. Legal cannabis comes in plain and child-resistant packaging, but products may still look appealing or be mistaken for another food/candy item.

The bottom line is that the rate of unintentional cannabis consumption is on the rise, so try the following safe storage tips to increase safety for your loved ones and pets.

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Top tips for safe cannabis storage

We have four main tips to help you safely store your cannabis away from your children, teens and pets.

This way your children, teens and pets won't be curious about finding out what it is and accidentally ingesting it.

This is a good way to protect your children, teens and pets because if by chance they do find it, they won't be able to open the box.

Legal cannabis is packaged in plain (boring) and child-resistant packaging—this is a safeguard to protect against accidental consumption. 

To learn more about legal cannabis, visit our Buy legal page.

Edibles like brownies, candies and beverages are easily mistaken for regular food, increasing the risk of unintentional consumption.

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More tips for keeping children and pets safe

In Canada, legal cannabis is sold in child-resistant packaging – but that does not guarantee a child couldn't get into it. As many parents know, with enough persistence, children can figure out how to get into almost anything – especially if it means a treat. So, keep it out of sight and in a small lockbox or safe to add more protection.


Even if you do everything right to keep your cannabis out of sight, it's important to remember that guests in your home can also introduce the same risks. Grandma may be using cannabis edibles to help her sleep and not even think about the danger to her grandchildren that the gummies in her purse may pose. Ensure your house guests keep their cannabis out of sight and out of reach of children and pets.

Edibles pose a particular problem as they are often seen as a food item and a treat, such as candy or a baked item. They are designed to look and taste good. Others in your home may not realize the product contains cannabis and eat some. Children are an increased risk if this happens as the drug can have a greater effect on their body due to their smaller bodies and different metabolism. Cannabis can depress respirations in kids and cause confusion, drowsiness or muscle weakness.

Beware of copycat products

Besides brownies and gummies, another danger to children is illegal cannabis products, which are often designed to appear similar to products like cookies, candies or chips. Recent examples of illegal/recalled products include copycat versions of Oreos, Cheetos, Fruit Loops and Skittles.

View the complete list here.

Emergency room statistics show an increase in unintentional ingestion of cannabis by minors, in part due to the illegal supply of unregulated cannabis products purchased online.

What to do if your child or pet consumes cannabis

If you suspect your child has taken cannabis in any form, call the Poison Control Centre at 1-800-332-1414. It's recommended to add this number to your phone, allowing you to connect with the Centre if something unexpected happens quickly.

If you suspect your pet has consumed cannabis, call your veterinarian.







Poison Control

Why you should always store cannabis in its original packaging

In Canada, legal cannabis packaging is boring – on purpose. Making it less visually appealing to kids. It's also designed to be safe in other ways:

  • Child-resistant (harder to open)
  • Tamper-proof (sealed until you open it)
    • Seals include the excise stamp and THC symbol
  • Well labelled, including the potency of the THC and CBD
  • Contains a prominent yellow health warning in English & French

To sum it all up

If you only remember one cannabis safe storage tip, make it this one: Out of sight and locked up tight!

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