Safe storage

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Keep your loved ones and pets safe

In Alberta, there has been an increase in reported rates of accidental cannabis consumption by children.

Protect your loved ones by following these simple steps:

  • Store products in a locked area out of sight and reach.
  • Do not leave products in areas that are easy to access, such as purses or suitcases; edible forms of cannabis such as brownies, chocolates or candies can be tempting.
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Tips for keeping your cannabis out of sight

If you have cannabis in your home, it's important that you store it safely and securely, away from children, teens and pets. Legal cannabis comes in plain and child-resistant packaging, but products may still look appealing or be mistaken for another food/candy item.

The bottom line is that the rate of unintentional cannabis consumption is on the rise, so try the following safe storage tips to increase safety for your loved ones and pets.

Visit our blog on Cannabis storage to learn about the top tips for keep your cannabis out of sight and locked up tight.

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What if my child or pet unintentionally consumes cannabis?

If a child eats or drinks cannabis, call Poison & Drug Information Service (PADIS) immediately – a free, anonymous and confidential service, toll-free: 1-800-332-1414.

If a pet consumes cannabis, call your veterinarian.

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