Pregnancy & breastfeeding

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It’s safest not to use cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding

Being aware of the potentially harmful effects of cannabis on pregnancy and a baby’s development is important. Research still hasn’t given us all the answers about the effects of THC or CBD on pregnancy and a baby’s development. For now, the safest choice is to avoid using cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Frequent cannabis use during pregnancy is associated with negative outcomes for your baby and increased risk of early labour.

Babies who were exposed to cannabis before birth may experience:

  • problems understanding, learning, remembering
  • hyperactivity, inattentiveness or impulsive behaviour
  • increased risk of depression or anxiety

Early labour can result in lower birth weight, breathing difficulties, temperature irregularities, hospitalization and/or potential cognitive problems for the baby when compared to full-term infants.

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Does cannabis affect breast milk?

THC is stored in the same body fat tissues that produce milk and can stay in this tissue for days or even weeks. Dumping your breast milk the day after consumption will not prevent your baby from receiving any consumed cannabis.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Information on pregnancy & breastfeeding

There is a lot of information out there and scientists are still studying the subject of cannabis, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Researching cannabis and its effects was difficult for many years while the drug was illegal, but there is more and more research coming out now. Studies so far show that there is no known safe amount of cannabis use during pregnancy. So the safest choice is to not use at all.

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